our mission

We love to bake.
Through baking, we connect with our community by:
creating great bread and pastries,
feeding our family, friends and neighbors,
teaching and sharing our craft,
developing relationships, and
practicing responsibility to the environment.

our core values

We are driven by our ethical and moral principles to practice business with
honesty and openness. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers,
our suppliers, and our employees to live our mission and core values.

We see the big picture. Pearl takes responsibility for its role in the
farmer-miller-baker-consumer connection and for its impact on the local economy
and the environment. We consider stewardship in all of our decision-making.

We start with the best ingredients and use traditional methods to create
consistently high quality handcrafted bread, pastries, sandwiches, and coffee
drinks. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our products to the
service and value we provide every day.

Our strength comes from relationships. The character of our business is unique
because of the people we employ, the community we serve, and the local businesses
and farmers who provide us with quality ingredients.

We care. At the heart of the bakery is a deep appreciation for the principles of
traditional baking and for the community we impact.

102 nw 9th ave., portland, or 97209 m-f 6:30-5:30 sat 7-5 sun 8-4 503.827.0910
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