Pearl Bakery is committed to environmentally friendly business practices. We recycleRAW_Award_December_09 paper, toner cartridges, cardboard, glass, metal, and plastic bottles. We even recycle bottle caps! Some of our employees are so dedicated that they gather recyclables that are not collected curbside and take them to a local recycling center. So when you come in for a Columbia Gorge Organic Juice or San Pellegrino mineral water, don’t throw that bottle in the trash – please return it to us for recycling. We also participate in a food waste composting program through Cloudburst Recycling, in which we help turn things like coffee grounds, egg shells, apple peels, and butter wrappers into compost for farmers.

We use natural, biodegradable cleaning products, from our dishwashing soap to our work station sanitizer and oven cleaner. Most of these products are purchased from a local company, Bi-O-Kleen.

We love trees! Pearl is one of the first bakeries in the Northwest to use recycled paper bags. Our bags are made from 52% recycled content, unbleached food-grade paper and printed with water-based ink. The bag design uses minimal ink to reduce environmental impact.

Many of our ingredients are organic, from pears to dried figs to arugula. The ham, turkey, and roast beef in our sandwiches are all-natural and free-range, with no additives or preservatives. Pearl buys Pacific Northwest nuts, fruits, and vegetables. We select our flour very carefully from a local natural foods purveyor to make sure it meets our quality standards. Most of our pastries are made with flour from a small group of wheat farmers and millers in Eastern Washington who specialize in sustainable agriculture. Our butter is made locally in McMinnville at Farmers Co-op Creamery and is guaranteed rbst-free.

Pearl proudly serves Batdorf & Bronson organic coffees. We are very pleased with the quality and freshness of the coffees, which are roasted to order every week. Additionally, we are thoroughly impressed by Batdorf’s dedication to fair trade and sustainable agriculture practices. To learn more about the coffee, go to

Our commitment to sustainability carries through to our employees. We offer  paid vacation and subsidized Tri-Met passes for our staff. Since many staff members bike to work, we have  dedicated a secure area for storing and maintaining their bicycles. For those employees who regularly commute by bike, we have a bicycle commuter subsidy program to defray the costs associated with bicycle commuting. Our employees are critical to the daily functioning of the bakery, and we make every effort to treat them like family.

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